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Skin Magic - Works, while you sleep

Skin Magic - Works, while you sleep

Did you ever stop to think that your skin, is the largest organ on your body? It is. And the body, being almost perfect in its original design, the skin is also customized to be of different density, pliability and thickness - depending on what the functionality is of the area that it occupies!

The skin on the face is seven times thinner than anywhere on the rest of your body. This is one reason why experts always advise to be gentle with your fingers on your face, and to massage 'gently' and so on.

Rightly so, the face requires a lot of attention and gentle care, and deep nourishment, since this tender skin is exposed to quite a lot of wear and tear due to harsh pollution, exposure to wind and sun, and the chemicals that surround us in everyday life - not to mention make-up and other products that have chemicals in them.

We, at Ibbani, would always recommend staying away from chemicals - especially since your skin just soaks it up and these chemicals all enter your blood stream. But we also know that in today's world, that may not be practical for everyone. So, we do what we do best - and give you an easy to use, zero chemical, 100% effective product that works on your skin at night to heal, nourish, rebalance and add radiance to your face, while you sleep.

The Ibbani Beauty Serum - full of natural oils, essential oils - that have been used and have been proven to work through civilizations and centuries. We've formulated it to work for modern times, in the most easiest ways. All you do is cleanse your face, massage this magical serum onto your face...and rest. Consistent use has been shown to reduce pigmentation, dark spots, and patchy complexion - say our regular customers.

Let our serum work, while you rest. And allow yourself to see the deeper radiance that you always had within you.

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