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Our Calling

If you can't eat it, don't use it

This is what we always say. We want to offer effective solution for all your body care. We want to offer effective solution for all your body care.

We do this by calling on our scientific expertise and clinical experience. We do this by knowing the unique needs and preferences of our customers. We do this by delivering products that actually work and are accessible and enjoyable to smell, feel, and use all year long.



I am, Dr. Sahana G.V., mother of two adorable children. I am an ophthalmologist specialized in retinal care of the eyes.

But then a mother can become anything when it comes to the wellness of her children.

Back in 2013, my son was about 3 months old, and my 3 year old daughter accidentally swallowed body lotion. While I ensured she was alright and not feeling sick, this was the first time I looked in great detail at every ingredient of the body care product that we so consistently apply on our children's tender skin. To my shock, I found that the hazard ratings of these ingredients on a scale of 0 to 10, were at 5 to 9. And so began the search to create chemical free, yet completely effective, and user friendly products for daily life.

It was a journey of finding the purest, safest and the most effective combination of ingredients that I could apply, with complete trust and peace of mind on my little children. Although R&D took several years, till the first perfect formulation of Body Butter evolved, the mother in me continued relentlessly. 

We follow a unique approach to scientific formulation and R & D. My love for science, alchemy, nature and deep desire to make a positive impact in a family's life experience and health allow me and my team to immaculately formulate personalized products for any condition, skin & hair type. Thanks to years of rigorous expertise. 

Although we term the origin of making products as an "accident" when I see so many happy people who have sensitive skin and stayed away from any kind of skincare products for fear of allergies and rashes, consistently use our products and feel good about it, I cannot help but think that the origin was possibly divinely orchestrated.

It is very fulfilling to see expecting mothers use IBBANI's products and are so relieved to have a trusted skincare partner during the most vulnerable time of their lives. And it is overwhelming to me and my team, when we read about the trust of parents applying our products on their most precious thing ever held in their hands, their babies. 

Each product you apply is the exact same quality of products that we use for our children and rest of the family as well. It is my commitment to provide the highest and the best quality products at IBBANI. 

Thank you for your trust and love, with all my gratitude and humbleness. 

Dr Sahana GV