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Love from our users

Love from our users

  • Drs. Abhijith and Kavya
    May 13, 2021

    Drs. Abhijith and Kavya

    Drs. Abhijit and Dr. Kavya - Army veteran/ doctor couple are loving their Ibbani Natural journey. The Ibbani Natural Body Butter is the only solution that works effectively to heal and repair surgeons' hands after daily repeated harsh scrubbing and washes they undergo to now Ibbani Natural being the only Skincare range for their entire family, watch how they share their joy of having zero chemical, effective, healing Ibbani Natural solutions for their bodies. Plus, patriot and Army veteran Dr. Abhijit feels great pride that a product range that can vie with the top international brands is created and sourced from our own India.

  • Ankita & Kunal
    February 20, 2020

    Ankita & Kunal

    Ankita and Kunal from Bengaluru, share how they started with using one of Ibbani Natural Products and have over the past two years switched to the Ibbani Natural Brand for all their Skincare needs. The purity and effectiveness of Ibbani Natural and the dependability of our all-natural ingredients are what holds them fast to our brand. When you eliminate skin and hair products that are loaded with dangerous petrochemicals, you're setting your body up for good health and well-being that lasts through your entire family for generations.

  • Swathi
    January 22, 2020


    A successful IT professional in Bangalore, Swathi has been using Ibbani Natural products for years now. She shares why she is never going back to any other brand. In high altitude extreme Himalayan temperatures, one application of Ibbani Natural Body Butter keeps her skin nourished through the daily treks she goes on when in the Himalayas. And in the a/c offices of her daily job, Ibbani Natural is the only cream that protects, nourishes, with a non-greasy finish that lasts through the day. Ibbani Natural is the only brand lining her cosmetics cupboard today.


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