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4 important aspects

100% Natural

All IBBANI products are made with a well-researched blend of purely natural ingredients. We do not use chemicals in our ingredients, and every single ingredient we put into our products works actively to heal and nourish your skin. With nothing in it that causes even an iota of harm to any cell of your body.

With complete transparency, we state that this is the reason why our products are priced in the higher bracket. We use only natural ingredients, from sources that we have tried and tested for over five years, while perfecting our formulation. Top quality natural ingredients are expensive, but they are active, alive and possess a superior and unmatched healing quality. This is precisely why every single one of our customers vouch for clearer, healthier and wholesome skin and hair, and also why we vouch for the purity of Ibbani by proclaiming that all our products are absolutely safe, even if ingested.

Cruelty Free

We strongly believe all animals on earth have the same right to dignity as every human being. Therefore we strongly oppose testing on animals and any kind of cruelty towards animals. While our products are created with utmost sensitivity in mind, they are not tested on animals.

All our products are tested in accredited laboratories for their safety profile.

United Nations SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals)

IBBANI is committed to healing and clarifying your skin, which is the largest organ in your body. We have committed to this by promoting responsible consumption of natural products crafted from the best quality ingredients, aligning themselves with SDG #3 and #12.

IBBANI products, even when used in a lesser quantity, produce more positive effects on the body; promoting responsible consumption of the products (SDG #12). Also, our vigilant production process leave zero harmful by-products, meeting the responsible production goal of SDG #12. We largely uses glass bottles and metal containers to package its products, thus ensuring environmental responsibility.

Research and data has proven that almost all commercially available mainstream skincare products have harmful ingredients which are linked to skin allergies, endocrine disruption, causing hormonal imbalances, infertility, obesity, and even cancers. At IBBANI we are committed to not only educating people about the situation, but also giving them an option to choose a pure, healthier range of skin products which are free from chemical stabilizers and preservatives. Thereby ensuring healthy lives and promoting overall well being for all ages (SDG #3)

Read our full story on Aim2flourish, an organization associated with the United Nations that identifies businesses that do good to the world and that the world needs.

Products that Matter

Our focus is on creating daily use body care products. We believe that what we use daily and more regularly needs to be pure and not just giving temporary relief or camouflaging your skin, but should be rejuvenating and healing to your skin, thus revealing your own true, beautiful skin. Daily care based on real ingredients created by Nature, formulated by Ibbani.