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Dry Skin : Daily Care routines that actually help

Dry Skin : Daily Care routines that actually help

Dry skin can be seasonal, hereditary, an allergic reaction or a chronic's important to identify the source of the issue to ensure it is given the right kind of attention and inputs!

For many the real reason behind having dry skin could be that they are deficient in certain vitamins. Deficiency of vitamin B, especially B12, B3 and B6 can cause dryness, itchy and dry skin and dermatitis.

Deficiency in Vitamin C is connected to faster ageing of the skin and dry skin - since a dip i Vitamin C leads to a dip in collagen, which is what keeps our skin supple and elastic. Deficiency in vitamin A can also lead to skin dryness.

Other reasons for dry skin are simply caused by harsh soaps, itchy clothing, misusing moisturizer, and long, hot showers which dry the skin out, or the hard water that you may be showering in .

How can you take care of Dry Skin?

  • Use Lukewarm water, and not hot water when you take a bath. Hot water dries out the skin cells, pulling all the natural oils. Keep your bath short - not more than 5-10 minutes.
  • Wash with gentle, fragrance free cleanser - Opt for the natural ones that do not contain synthetic fragrance or colors; nor contain harsh chemicals that could strip your skin of its natural oils.
  • Your cleanser does not need to lather up too much - natural ones don't lather excessively - and they should be good to remove excess oil and dirt.
  • Be smart when it comes to choosing your moisturizer. This is the one product that can that can really add nourishment to your skin. Your skin will respond best to one that has natural oils that can lock in moisture to build your skin's natural protective barriers.
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